Microsoft Imagine Cup 1st Runner Up, a SG50 Game

 Unity3D C#

Yummy Journey, a game that aims to introduce Traditional Chinese Medicine Yinyang theory and Singaporean cuisine to players.
Design and Development of a Unity3D game from scratch to completion.

I am in charge of both design and programming in this project.

Award – This project won the 1st runner-up in Microsoft Imagine Cup Singapore – Game Category.
Award – This project also won the Frist Prize in Undergraduate Research Experience on Campus – IT Category.

Media – IEM Team Entering National Finals of Microsoft Imagine Cup 2016

Microsoft Imagine Cup 2016 (left 3 is Yushan, me and Jiacheng) 

Before we start


We always wanted to build a game that is both interesting and meaningful or educative. We believe that game is a great media to broadcast useful information. With the opportunity of joining Microsoft Imagine cup competition, we started to think what kind of game we should create.

Problem we want to solve 

Many young people choose to eat out to save time spent on cooking. At the same time, the growing consumption of fast food has caused a series of health problems that draws public attention.


Food theme game could be an effective solution that exerts subtle influence on youth’s health value and choice of food. However, the current food theme games on the market may not accomplish this goal.

Hence, we wish to develop a game that preserves the art of cooking in real life instead of just requiring the mere tapping of fingers. In our game, we perceive the food’s natural properties from a
traditional Asian angle. Food properties including Yin-Yang (Cooling-Heaty), freshness, ingredients proportions etc. are taken into account for cooking system evaluations. 

Game Summary

The game is a RPG game that a boy has fallen in a mysterious world because his bad habit of eating fast food and instant noodles. He was instructed by the “god of food” to learn to eat healthy to collect enough “soul of food” to come back to the real world.

The game is focused on young generation therefore it is designed with cartoonish look and feel, breezy and enjoyable sound effects.

Character’s health point (ph) is influenced by the yinyang balance of the character. The more he is out of balance, the quicker his hp falls.

Game Graphics 

As it is focused on young generations, we decided to adopt cartoonish designs in “2.5D”. As the goal is also broadcasting Singaporean cusine, we created many localized food and scene graphic assets.

Game Structure 

The following diagram shows the full structure of the game.


  • Cook System: User can select ingredients from his backpack and cook a dish. The system will evaluate the dish and judge how successful the dish is.
  • Recipe Collection System: Show locked and unlocked recipes which encourage user to move forward and collect more health dishes.
  • Mini Game: User could play mini games like paper, rock and scissors to collect rare ingredients.
  • Buff & Debuff: There will be “yin” and “yang” buffs or debuffs added on the character which will be changing according to weather, season, date. E.g. in summer, there will be high “yang” buff.


Programming: I …


  编程:      库存系统   食物系统   胸部系统   设计:      字符属性   美食   库存系统   场景创建

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