Watercolor Tutorial – Yuko Nagayama (永山裕子)

Final Result!

The painting is orginally created by Yuko Nagayama. This is a pastiche.

This post records the painting steps.

  • Sketch the flower’s outline gently. If you stroke hard, you could use eraser to pat on the sketch lines to lighten the pencil colors.  Mark up the shadows and highlights’ edge.

  • Use big wet brushes to sketch and cover all the places except the highlight (white color) places. Paint on primary colors. Note the dried watercolor will apears 2 level greyer than the wet color. The colors will mix by themselves as the paper is still wet.

  • Use a a relative dry brush to paint the leaves because it have relative sharp edges. Paint some dark colors at the same time. Spray some water on the edge to blur the sharp edge.

  • Finally, dip more colors and use relative dry brush to paint details and shadows. Let them high contrast. You can brush on dark color on the background if your background is too light. (Note spray water on the edge to make it blur so it looks like far away and the flowers are more obvious)

Ta da!

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