Watercolor Tutorial – Lavender

This painint is originally posted on Pinterest. This is a pastiche.

Here are the steps to create this watercolor painting!

  • Use H/B pencil to sketch the position for the main lavenders. It is not necessary to draw out the lavenders’ petals in detals.

  • Brush the background with water. When the paper is still wet, use green, dark green, blue, dark blue and purples etc to brush the background. The water will mix them and create random flow. When the paper is almost dry, use a relative dry brush to paint the lavender petals.

  • Continue to use the dry brush to  paint out the details. Note paint from light colors to dark colors. Because the color overlay cannot be reverted. The color will only become darker and darker. 
  • Increase the contrsst of the painting. Use thick wet colors to paint at the background. Use reasonable amout of water to blur the edge.

  • Buy a frame and it will become a perfect decoration! (I promise the real one looks better)

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