Watercolor Tutorial – Rose Fence

This painting is originally posted in a book. This is a pastiche.

Follow easy 4 steps !

  1. Use H/B pencil to sketch the position of the roses and general position of the fence.
  2. Use light color (at least 1 light rose color and 1 darker rose color) to paint out the roses group. Paint out both dark and light side. (In general just paint circles and it will look like rose petals. Rose petals have patterns, you can search that online it you want to know more.
  3. User darker rose colors to make the shadows.
  4. Fill out the fence and leaves. (Yes it will take a while). Note the multiple layers color to indicate lights and shadows.
  5. Add more details and minor decorates. Such as the flowers on the ground and the fence details.

Always remember that after color dries out, it will appears 2 level greyer than when they were wet.

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