Washi Tape Design (Wall Drop) & DIY


New Task! Redesign a 10-year-old grey color wall drop.

Orinally the back drop was painted with dark grey color. It appears to fade after 10 year.

After carefully thought, i decided to use washi tape to decorate the wall. High quality tapes do not harm the wall and is long-lasting so I can safely use it :).

Concept design diagram (created using photoshop)

Wall drop working in progress…

It was a tedious process as I had to cut the washi tape into ideal length and stick it one by one patiently.

Final Result!

It is a bit pity that the color bought is not exactly as expected.

Life with creative art is so amazing!

Tips to create ideal washi tape design

  1. Use straight lines (as it is very hard to create curves by scissors). Simple shapes can be beautiful and elegant.
  2. Smartly use white spaces
  3. Try to limit colors (or monochrome is also good choice)

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